The FLAT Prize – CRT Art Foundation was established as recognition of an unpublished editorial project, chosen among the proposals of the publishers participating at the fair. The Prize proposes itself as a support to the winning project concrete realization.
The FLAT Scientific Committee attributes the Prize based on the quality of the research done and the originality of the proposal. The winning publisher commits to present the publication at the following edition of the fair.


FLAT Prize #2

Nero Editions

Taxonomy of The Barricade. Image Acts of Political Authority in May 1968

by Wolfgang Scheppe

The project is structured as a visual taxonomy composed of almost 500 images from the May 1968 police archives in Paris, accompanied by an essay written by Wolfgang Scheppe. The pictorial order of a regime of surveillance applied during the last wide-ranging insurgence in Europe’s history surfaces from the analysis of this unique visual archive. Following the events happening at the Sorbon- ne in May 1968, alongside general strikes and nationwide factory occupations, France’s state of emer- gency becomes apparent through a specific iconography of visual control.



FLAT Prize #2

Mousse Publishing

Gay – The Encounter, Fragments of Life, Moments of Common Life

featuring unpublished images by Giordano Bonora and essays by Paul B. Preciado, Wendy Vogel, Paolo Barbaro, Salvatore Vitale, Alvin Li, Helena Velena

We agreed that an important project for contemporary art publishing is to investigate lost or little-­known historical works, creating new contexts for older bodies of work. Mousse Publishing project “Gay – The Encounter, Fragments of Life, Moments of Common Life” is very much in this genre, proposing to publish for the first time an archive of photographs of Giordano Bonora from the 1980s. Portraiture of the transgender community in Bologna in the 1980s with critical texts by scholars and queer theorists are as timely as ever.

The project has been presented for the first time on the occasion of the 2019 edition of FLAT (November 1-3).

photo: Giordano Bonora, Momenti di vita comune, 1980



FLAT Prize #1

Hammann von Mier Verlag

Form your Character!

The jury selected from an interesting and diverse group of publisher’s submissions to award the inaugural FLAT prize. The submissions reflected the broad range of activities, subjects and formats represented by the exhibitors at this year’s FLAT fair. Their proposal includes the production of a retrospective travelogue of the group’s experience in traveling in the United States a few years ago in artists’ book form. The project will document encounters with artists, musicians and art workers that Hammann von Mier met and collaborated with during their journey. All elements of the proposed publication, “Form your Character!”, are to be designed, printed and constructed by the artists. One enduring and essential aspect of the culture of artists’ publishing is the way in which it allows young artists to create spaces to produce and collaborate on new work on their own terms. The space of a printed publication can be an experimental workshop and this year’s FLAT prize is awarded to Hamman Von Mier for this sense of experimentation and collaboration inherent in their proposal.


“The scope of my work is the kind of book that is composed by an artist, who can manipulate the object— the book—and turn it into an artwork”

The CRT Foundation for Modern and Contemporary Art, on the occasion of the first edition of FLAT, has established the Giorgio Maffei Fund dedicated to the great bibliophile and collector of rare 20th century art books. Every year the Fund is going to enrich – through various acquisitions – the collection of the GAM Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Turin.

(Italiano) 2019

(Italiano) Edizione #3

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2nd Edition

During the second edition of FLAT, 58 artists’ books, including Sol Lewitt, Mario Merz, Lucy Lippard, Bruno Munari, were chosen within FLAT exhibitors’ proposals and acquired by the CRT Foundation for Modern and Contemporary Art.


1st Edition

Within the first edition of FLAT, the CRT Foundation for Modern and Contemporary Art acquired 26 artist’s books. The acquisitions include works by established artists like Giovanni Anselmo, Jon Grigorescu, Jannis Kounellis, Sol Lewitt, Luigi Ontani, Dieter Roth and works by younger ones like Stefano Arienti, Liam Gillick, Maria Morganti.Lor